Top 10 Training Soccer Equipment for: Speed, Dribbling & Power

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You can train your body for most aspects of football without any special equipment other than a soccer ball. But there are some great pieces of equipment you can buy to maximise your progress and focus on special areas. Some are crucial to taking you to the next level, and other are somewhat of a luxury but useful nonetheless.

Soccer Equipment for Speed & Explosiveness

A look at the some of the best equipment for become faster and more explosive on and off the ball.

Resistance Parachute

If you are looking to improve your acceleration and top speed, a resistance parachute will help to train these areas. The parachute gives a feeling of running against a strong gust of wind and the extra effort with help to build the muscles and joints needed to reach higher speeds, faster.

Pros: Cheap, effective, easy to store and pack away

Cons: Not a massive amount of resistance, Needs alot of space outdoors to use

Bungee Resistance Band

Similar to the Parachute, with added strength and resistance. The bungee cord can be connected to a wall or a fence. Unlike the parachute, you do not need to be running at full speed to use the cord. You can train your movements both backwards/forwards as well as laterally doing an array of movements.

Pros: High resistance, cost effective

Cons: Needs to be attached and clipped to a sturdy object or wall.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way of lightly targeting key muscles. They can be used for array of uses.



Stretch Hip Flexors

Floor weights drag thing

Floor Stand up sticks

Resistance Bands

Stretch Hip Flexors

Soccer Equipment for Dribbling

Tennis Ball

As  unorthodox as it sounds, many footballers swear by this technique. Practicing dribbling and kick ups with a tiny tennis ball will vastly improve your dribbling precision. It works on a similar science as the feeling you get when you play football with a large yoga ball. When you eventually go back to a regular size 5 soccer ball, the larger surface area will allow you to control and strike the ball more accurately.

Pros: Dirt cheap and accessible

Cons: Suitable for use on hard surfaces only

Speed Ladder

From personal experience, I have seen the most spectacular results from this magical piece of equipment. If used at the right intensity, you can improve all aspects of your dribbling and general play. This will build the muscles in your ankles fast, improve your balance, and allow you to manipulate the ball in ways and at speeds you have dreamed of. There are tons of great drills on Youtube to use with this inexpensive piece of equipment. If we could choose any piece of equipment from our list we would choose this one.

Stretch Hip Flexors

Improve your spring and stride with the quickness you have been looking for. The best thing about this piece of equipment is that you can use it during your normal training sessions and pick up games. Rather than repetitive reps and exercises, you can relax and play your game.

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