What do I wear for my soccer match? – Football Gear & Equipment Guide

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For some people simply getting the opportunity to play the game is enough, and they would only need the bare necessities such as a field, a soccer ball and something to signify the goal posts. However, for the committed and serious player, a lot more is needed, in terms of attire and equipment to complete the entire package.

The following are just some of the items that should be included in the ideal outfit and gear package for soccer:

  •  Cleats – there are various brands of shoes with cleats for different types of soccer field textures. This is usually meant to be an external attachment to the shoe to provide the additional traction on a soft or slippery surface. The individual would have to identify the soccer ground conditions and choose accordingly, the type of shoe suitable for creating comfortable play.
  •  Shin guard – this function is to protect the player’s shins form injury as the style of the game often involved some unintentional contact of this area. The goal is to create maximum protection without hindering the player’s ability to perform well on the field.
  •  Ankle guard – this is also another essential piece of gear that is important in ensuring the player limits the amount of injury sustained. As the ankle area is also susceptible to injury due to the style of play often adopted in soccer, there is a need to protect it adequately.
A video showing some of the best performing boots for the year.

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