Soccer: Training for speed and explosiveness

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In Soccer, a player can have all of the skill attributes to dominate during matches. First touch, excellent dribbling and great shooting are all considered key elements of a player’s overall game. But football is also an athletic sport. Being first to the ball, winning duels and shift directions will be the difference when moving up levels in Football.

It is akin to an adult playing a game of football against children. Some of the children may be gifted beyond their years on the ball but the Adult is bigger, faster and stronger. That’s a big advantage. 

In the always shifting game of soccer, being able to be fast over 100-200m is less important than being fast across shorter distances (acceleration). A slow car with high max speed may be good on the highway but in a city with twists and turns its better to be nippier, and more mobile.

Developing more power

Strength is how much force you can potentially use. Power is about how fast can you use that force. So training for these areas are about quick and intensive drills, further reinforced by some slow long term strength exercises.

Sprints – Probably the most well known power developing exercises. Focus on shorter distances and many reps.

Hill Sprints – Similar to sprinting above but performed on a steep hill

Pylometrics – Jumping squats, lunges and bunny hops will give you more spring and better balance.

Ankle Hops – Most lower body movement starts at the ankles. Hops strengthen the ankle joints and muscles, preventing injuries and improving all elements of general play.

The key to all of these exercises is intensity. They have to be done with you pushing yourself each time, so taking a longer break to be able to give it your all on the next rep is more effective.


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