The art of the long pass – Advanced soccer tips

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Long Passing/Crossing

Greats like Cesc Fabregas and Paul Scholes have shown over the years how important and effective long passing can be. Long passing allows you to use your vision and distribute the ball to almost any area on the pitch quickly without fear of interception. It can be used to relieve a certain area of pressure or to stretch the other team by switch play to another wing. And of course a great through ball can be lofted into the path of a teammate, meeting him at the perfect point of his run.

Building up the power to strike the ball relies heavily on how you swing your arms. Many players swing the arm opposite to the kicking foot to gain momentum and use the arm on the same side as the kicking side to guide the direction of the ball. The more you open your body, the more power you can summon for the kick.

–          Approach the ball at around 30-35 degrees leaving enough room for a good swing

–          Your standing leg should not be too close to the ball and pointing towards the target

–          Kick the ball with the ridge above your big toe

–          Aim for the middle of the ball (horizontally)

–          Aim for the lower half of the ball. The higher you strike, the more power. The Lower you strike, the more height.

–          Leaning back increases height

When using a lofted ball to meet teammates run, try to judge his path and apply the right amount of power and direction with timing so the ball and player meet at the perfect point. Adding spin can help the ball along its path and confuse the defensive line.

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