Soccer: How to improve your finishing

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A Quick guide to finishing your breakfast – in front of goal.

Tip: It’s mostly mental……

Do you do all the hard and dribble past 10 people with some fancy footwork, finally lose the last defender only to miss your shot? Read on for more help.

The art of finishing is an interesting subject as having a good shot does not necessarily mean you will be a great finisher. A lot of finishing consists of deception and surprise. Keepers spend the majority of the match watching, so they learn a lot about a player’s favoured foot or style of play quickly. Therefore it’s good to have some sort of mini plan when finishing. It may involve running across the keeper to make him start moving in one direction then quickly popping a shot towards the opposite side.

The key is to make up your mind what you will do before you swing for the shot, but do so without giving away your intentions, with the eyes, or body stance. A lot of the time a low shot will beat the keeper, failing that, he will parry it out for a teammate to score a rebound shot. Aim for accuracy over power. Ensure you breathe smoothly and inhale before the shot and exhale when you make contact.

There is also a mental side. In your mind you must not give up until the ball is in the net. Thinking the hard work is done too early will cause you not to guide your shot into the net. Give it an extra 2-3 seconds of exertion and only relax after the ball leaves your foot and is past the keeper.

A video of some handy drills to aid improvement of finishing.

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