Soccer Dribbling: A Guide to Fast / Quick Feet

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Fast Feet

If you look at the best dribblers and players who are skilled in possession, you will notice they are able to take many steps in all directions quickly. They are able to turn, swivel and change position more easily than the opponents. When your feet are fast you open up a bigger range of moves and maneuvers as you can do more in less time. Having fast feet also greatly improves dribbling and overall foot sharpness, even for defenders you can switch into positions quicker than the opposition attacker.

Santi Cazorla – A master of quick feet and using his left and right effectively.

Foot speed is generally how many little steps you can take in the shortest time, so practicing in your house is easy to start. Running while taking tiny steps, as many as you can, even in ridiculously tight space. Add spins and quick changes of directions in all angles and you have a dangerous and effective player.


Dymatize on Twitter: "#Repost @IMG Back to basics w/quick feet ladder  drills NFL Combine trainee Clayton Fejedelem #IMGFam #NFLDraftPrep"
Example of speed ladder training to build up foot quickness.

Speed ladder – The fastest way to improve foot speed and control is to employ a speed ladder. They are available cheaply and allow you to do a variety of exercises, many of which are on YouTube.

Dancing – Why not try some fancy footwork dance moves around the house or in a club? Throw on your favourite upbeat soundtrack and try to make the moves as complex as possible, focusing on fast foot switches.

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