Soccer: Can playing football games make you better in real life

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 Can playing soccer video games make you better? The answer is a resounding YES…..and I can speak from my personal experience.

Football games have come along way in the last 20 or so years. It would be hard to imagine such realism when playing some of the classic games today, on all the consoles such as the Sega Genesis and also the super Nintendo. Many of the games were simply pixel lies players running with a pixel-based small ball trying to score and two are generally pixel lies goal. Although the goal was the same in principle and also use the fundamentals of the game of football there wasn’t much in terms of graphic immersion and realism. Although with that said at the time the games are still a lot of fun and you could use your imagination. We are now in the modern Eire for console of consoles and graphics homework he improves. Some of the Player likenesses have vastly improved, making it difficult to differentiate between the game player and a real life player.

eFootball PES 2020 ☆ GamePlay ☆ Ultra Settings - YouTube

1. Learn the fundamentals of the game through video games

Video games of football are in general a good way for younger players to grasp the front fundamentals and the rules of the game in a contained space. Things like Found foul, Rollins throw in and even offsides can be learnt while playing the game. As a player you are protected from the elements and can be played 24 hours of the day seven days a week, all from the comfort of your own home.

2. You learn about players, leagues and attributes

As you continue to play your football game you begin to learn about different players and which attributes each player has. You know the advantages of having a Speedy player over a tricky player. And as you lay out your formations you begin realise that your team is like a melting pot of different players with different attributes and mixtures of skill levels. As you move on from standard verses and one-on-one play and begin to use leagues and master leagues and career modes you can see how league phone can dip up and down during a season.

3. Perfect the mental side of the game.

Things like concentration determination perseverance and focus are universal regardless of whether you are playing a game in your life or in the virtual world. Affecting the size of your game while playing video games with dividends when playing the real game. Not to mention hand eye coordination as well as more mental multitasking.

PC - eFootball PES 2021 - GamePlay [4K:60FPS] - YouTube

Camera modes 

A great way to practice your real life game on a football game is the use of play mode and play the cameras. You can try the standard be a pro or be a player mode that is included in most football games. This is where the camera is behind the player and is more of a 3-D immersive experience following one player rather than the standard big pitch camera used in most football games. What is my name in the game interpreting the game from a players you point having to work out what is behind you what is to the side of you and more importantly, playing a game facing forwards rather than side to side. Most career modes have arrows and indicators as to where you should be positioned for your chosen position and reward points for good play great positioning. Things like play stamina and discipline, more into the forefront.

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Training mode

You can also utilise The player can while using training mode. This can be free training or with drills such as: dribbling shooting and free kick drills and scenarios. Playing on free ring me free training mode Is fully customisable and you can decide whether to play 515 7505 space five on 58, eight on one, or just you and the keeper. You can work on dribbling, shooting and finishing against a keeper, or from the comfort of your own home with a handy reset button that takes less time then relaying cones and gathering friends to practice with.

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