How to do more skills in a soccer match – Improve your trickery

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Skills, trickery, fakes and feints

Improving your trickery is an art that does take some time, but luckily this book shows you the fundamental building blocks for you to use when developing your style.

Almost every player has a set of practices and feints they use when necessary; they use them over and over again and have mastered the timing. They know almost every time where it will send their opponent and you too, will develop your own set. Start small and master the ones you initially choose.

Tricks, skills and feints serve one major purpose:

To hide your next intention and confuse, mislead and tire your opponent.

Some players like Christiano Ronaldo develop baffling skill sets where the player who is trying to read the next move gets put off or plain baffled half-way. He is clueless as to where you will go and you now have the art of surprise no matter what you do.

The easiest way to do this is a simple fake. Pretend you will kick and then don’t, lean one way before leaning another. Professional players use even more covert tactics which include the famous Kolo Toure Pointing in the wrong direction. You can even use your eyes.

Say you are being chased by a defender hot on your heels. Just swivel you hips and step to the left with your right foot then take off to the right. Look over your left shoulder, and then pretend you have decided you will go to the right then pull to the left anyway. You can fake, double fake, and even triple fake.

Wingers often employ fakes when taking on the opposing fall back, pretending to cross, only to cut back the ball and charge into the inside.

Once you have shown your trickier side the opposing player will be constantly unsure about what you have up your sleeve. Even if you only know one trick!

You can feint anywhere, even during interceptions. Drop a shoulder and go in the opposite direction.

Feinting buys you plenty of time in any area of the pitch. Many of the world best defenders use more subtle fakes. Rio Ferdinand, a well known ball-playing CB buys himself time by pretending to go for a long kick upon receipt of the ball. The opposing attacker assumes the ball is on its way and doesn’t bother to pressure him and chase him down, buying him precious seconds to lay it off to his fall back.

Don’t stop there you an even feint without the ball, using trickery to lose you marker.

Even the direction your shoulders or hips are facing and confuse the opponent. Try facing your shoulders at a 90 degree angle to where you are going while cutting the ball.

Total Tip: Avoid using the same tactics too much against the same opponent as he will quickly figure out your plan. Sometimes going the direction you look like you will go in to beat the opponent.

Popular Skills in football

It would be impractical and confusing to try and describe every skill in football in this format. So here is a list of popular skills for you to look up on the YouTube/video sites:

– De vaca`
– Marseilles Turn
– Flip flap
– Stepovers
– Reverse Step Over’s
– Roulette Turn
– Rainbow
– Hocus Pocus
– Rabona (Great)
– Sombrero Flick
– Around the world

An example of the “Rabona Skill”
A great example of the “Flip Flap” skill performed by Brazilian winger Willian

You can also find many more neat little tips and skills on Nike Football – and also on their YouTube channel.

Total Tip:Remember to break each skill into its various parts, practice them, and then put it together!

Using a skill lists

To help you remember skills to use in a game, memorize or write down 5-6 that you wish use.

Total Tip: Using skills in your own half is dangerous and will only frustrate your teammates if you lose possession.

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