Lionel Messi’s Dribbling Tips – A Case Study

Lionel Messi Dribbling
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Case study: Messi’s Dribbling Tips

In a video online, Lionel Messi, who is probably the best dribbler in the world at time of print, shows some of his techniques he uses to beat defenders.

When 1v1 (back to defender):

1.       Messi explains he receives the ball with the foot facing away from the defender, then proceeds to have a quick look over his shoulder before turning.

2.       He then turns and feints with his right foot as if he is going that direction.

3.       He switches direction at the last minute and beats him on the inside left

He explains that he looks for space to escape into, and looks to unbalance the defender by bringing him with him when he feints in the wrong direction. You must be able to beat the defender on the outside as well as the inside.

When 1v1 (facing the defender):

1.       Here, Messi tells us he begins by running at the defender to stop him in his tracks.

2.       He then keeps his eye on which foot the defender is resting his weight on, as this is the foot which is the hardest for him to move.

3.       He proceeds to feint and cut into the direction either where there weight is shifted or where there is space behind the defender.

Total Tip: Try getting your opponent used to a particular rhythm, the change it quickly with a double tap move slightly off the beat.

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