Beach Soccer: Does it make you better?

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The beach, where many are laying in the sun, listening to some samba/reggae. While some relax feeling the gentle breeze of the wind by the shoreline, true ballers are playing football to their hearts delight.

You may have heard the saying “beach football is serious” or “beach football makes you better”. Let’s discuss in further detail why these notions are common amongst football’s elite. Here are some reasons why playing football on sand helps improve your soccer skills.

Playing bare foot is harder and requires more technique

Beach ballers tend to play barefoot, as everyone should be on a beach. But playing bare foot has its challenges. While playing shoeless gives you a better feel of the ball, the unique shapes of feet normally hidden by shoes become more of a factor. Hitting the ball with the exact correct of the foot is more crucial.Hitting it with the wrong part of the foot can be more painful. Stubbing toes or scooping out a big piece of sand when kicking is commonplace for a beach football beginner. It is said that the pain from incorrect technique subconsciously weeds out bad kicking form from players who grow up playing beach football.

Running and moving on sand is trickier

Have you ever tried to give someone a foot race at the beach? You will notice it feels like you are running in…..well, quicksand. Every step sinks into the sand which means more exertion. Twisting, turning and leaping on sand strengthen the ankle and calf muscles in a massive way, improving balance once on more solid ground. Your overall fitness is improved as running on sand is more physically demanding.

Playing in the heat is more of a challenge

As well as the physical demands, playing in the heat has its own set of challenges. The energy sapping heat while playing means more aerobic fitness is required. Once acclimatised, you will have a significant advantage when playing in warmer climates than your counterparts.

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