Advanced Soccer Dribbling Tips

Mbappe showing his dribbling skills
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There will be many times in the game where you will have to do different types of dribbling. On a break you may have to drive forward at pace, whereas in a tight game where the other team is defending deep you will have to dribble slower with many twists and turns to create an opening. Try to be comfortable with using the bottom of your feet where necessary for close control.

You can protect the ball by anticipating your opponents attempt and shielding the ball with your body when they pounce. Alex Hleb, a known dribbler often employs this tactic, using his legs to step out and guard the ball just as the defender lunges in. However, be careful f the opponent is approaching at great speed. Another way to buy yourself some time in possession is to perform a few stopovers to discourage the defender from clipping your shins…..hopefully.

While dribbling your arms need to be relaxed and loose only using them for sudden turns and fakes. Some players like Ronaldinho dribble with one hand up for balance, some with two. Look at some other popular dribbler’s styles or create one which complements your body shape and style of play.

Be pro-active and set the pace and scenario, don’t let the defender govern your moves, govern him/her by being unpredictable and keep the ball moving. Keep cool, and no matter what keep your rhythm.

To start out, first try dribbling in a straight line. Then try dribbling in zigzags, inside, outside, using one foot then alternating feet. Then try knocking the ball out with the outside then inside of foot to other foot. Let the ball roll across you and do the outside inside again then pass back to the other foot.

The trick when practising dribbling is to mimic a child. Notice how when children, who are excellent learners, imagine they are playing as their favourite star. Visualize in your head that you are really beating a player or shrugging off an opponent.

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