A Very Useful Soccer Drill – To improve your sideways dribbling (For Wingers & Midfielders)

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Source: http://instagram.com/domfutbol

This drill when practised over the course of days will help you to carry the ball sideways with ease. Once perfect you will be able carry the ball smoothly from side to side while scanning g the pitch for possible openings and opportunities. Many defenders will not engage directly straightaway when in this body position. It’s really a great way to slow down play and wait for your teammates to travel up fields during a counter attack.

Instructions: Carry the ball sideways using both sides of both feet. You can also roll the ball with the bottom of your feet.

Pro Tip: Try using flicks and knocking the ball behind your other leg occasionally for added flair.

You can also try this handy drill, aimed at using sideways dribbling to create shots on goal.

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