6 Top Solo Drills For Improving Soccer Speed, Power & Conditioning

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With these handy drills you can see the gains you desire on the pitch, helping you to become more explosive, quick and sharp. Below are 6 great drills curated from social media to help you stand head and shoulders above the opposition!

Strengthen your lower back, quads and calfs with these powerful exercises using a bar and weight plates.

You can also use hurdles in conjunction with plyometric drills to develop sharpness and spring in your legs. These exercises aim to simulate movements typically used in a game.

Some more amazing polymeric drills to improve your quads and short distance acceleration.

A boxing exercise which has great utility in soccer. Similar to the infamous ‘lunge’ but with increased weight using a bar.

A unique and interesting drill which aims to improve unilateral movement. All you need is a solid wall and a dumbell weight.

Another example of a lunge exercise without weights. Using more of a powerful force, it is designed to develop spring over shorter periods of time.

We hope you found these drills useful! Have fun integrating them into your daily or weekly routine. For more information on improving your overall power and explosiveness feel free to read this article.

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